Who We Are


       Hi, I'm Jorie DeVilbiss, owner and founder of Hometown Tech.  I started this business after realizing how much help my mother and her friends needed with technology and their devices.  What they did not need was an expensive repair person who made them feel dumb, went too fast and didn't listen or really resolve their problems.  

       They needed help from patient, friendly people who would listen to what they really wanted, explain things in terms they understood and solve their problems without making them feel stupid, old or daft!  So Hometown Tech was born.

Our goal is to provide friendly, kind, patient and affordable tech help and education to our friends and neighbors throughout the Roaring Fork Valley.  

       When I'm not helping people you can find me outside, taking advantage of everything this gorgeous valley has to offer, my rescue dogs in tow.

      I had ancient technology (an old laptop with a clamp because the hinge was broken and a flip phone!) with limited tech skills to match. I was paralyzed with fear but knew I had to move forward. Fortunately, I found Jorie and took a leap of faith with her. She helped me figure out what devices to buy, how to activate everything, set up accounts, and with a positive demeanor, and lots of patience, kindness and respect for my limitations, taught me how to use it all.

Carol Turtle, Glenwood Springs